“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart”
Thomas Watson, Sr.

A custom fitted suit has a unique, empowering feel as it sits comfortably against your body. It’s the statement you make about who you are and what you value regarding your appearance.

Anyone can stroll into their local department store and pull a suit off the rack, but to truly “pull off” the suited look, one visits a tailor. A custom tailor is able to enhance all of the best features through the fit of the suit.

Off-the-rack department store suits don’t offer much in a variety of style, even the most formal stores will not have every suit style available on the rack. With a custom tailor, your suit can be made according to any style and with any fabric. There’s no limit to what you can ask for; custom liners, pockets, lapels, buttons and monogramming; whatever you desire, a tailor can deliver the style and material you want.


Lack of sincerity, substance and sparkle are three clues one is an empty suit. In 3 Dead Giveaways That You Are An Empty Suit, I introduced you to a simple equation…

Lack of substance + low business acumen + poor business conversational skills = empty suit.

Unfortunately, in the sales world today, there are a tremendous number of empty sales suits. The sales profession can do better than they’re doing. The issue boils down to misalignment. Most in sales are misaligned with their inner self, which tends to lead to chaos. It’s hard to become the best version of yourself if you have no clue or can’t identify with who you are.

Your prospects are smart. Your clients are even more intelligent. They can smell commission breath a mile away.

An executive presence + competence fills out an empty suit

What key ingredients are needed to custom fit the empty sales suit? Hint… become your own tailor!


In a “Selling From the Heart” sales world, a heartfelt professional wears a custom fitted suit made with authenticity.

An authentic sales professional leads with the heart by becoming open and vulnerable. They absolutely understand their weaknesses and are extremely comfortable in their own skin. Sales professionals who lead from the heart have courage. The courage to be human in a sales world full of facades.


In today’s world, we have so many technology platforms to help salespeople do their job better and more efficiently that we’ve forgotten the heart is at the center of sales.

So few in sales are placing their heart at the forefront of what they do.

Technology is wonderful and technology runs rampant in the twenty-first century but we must not forget to humanize it. Many in sales are leveraging technology as they dehumanize sales. A heartfelt professional leverages technology to humanize their network and relationships.

A true sales professional smashes technology and digital all together to humanize what they’re all about. Their network feels it, their clients feel it, their prospects feel it and most of all, they live it with them.

For salespeople to be successful in their relationships with their clients, they need to engage, have multiple touchpoints, communicate successfully and add value with their business acumen.

There’s incredible power of genuine, sincere ENGAGEMENT with other human beings to drive sales success.


Nothing worse than an uneducated sales rep who recites information off the back of a brochure!

A sales professional stays one step ahead of their prospects, as this requires staying current on trends and keeping their skills sharp. This means those in sales need to take the time to stay educated and continually learn new skills.

With ongoing education, this helps prepare what’s needed to be ready to embrace new ways of doing things, especially if the old ways no longer work as well.

Becoming a great sales professional is all about earning the trust and respect of the customer. The more you can demonstrate you understand their world and the challenges they face, the more you’ll earn their trust and respect.

Why educate? Today’s buyers expect salespeople to understand their business and guide them to solutions that target their specific challenges.

Your clients and prospects no longer need to wait to have sales meetings or presentations from traditional sales reps to get a better understanding of what solutions are out there. They are more prepared and come to the business table with specific expectations.

You must become a sales guide. You must facilitate and EDUCATE, instead of showing up and throwing up.


There are way too many sales reps out there who believe they are ‘A’ players but they are nothing more then ‘C’ players hiding in an empty suit.  

How important do you think attitude is to your relationships? Are you fired up with enthusiasm and passion for what you do?

When you call on your clients and prospects with energy and enthusiasm, it means that you believe in you. Excitement is contagious. This isn’t bravado; a sincere belief in yourself and what you do can’t be faked.

A true sales professional is pro-active. When you look at them, you notice high energy. They have pro-active personalities, they make things happen instead of sitting back waiting for things to happen. They have a positive attitude. They’re in control. They believe in themselves and their abilities.

They EXCITE their clients and prospects into wanting to know more. Being excited and having passion is not a sales act. It’s a way of believing. It is woven into your personal DNA. It’s having real passion for who you are, what you’re selling, who you’re becoming and furthermore, what you believe in.

It’s through excitement as you shout, “I am here for you, I am here to make a difference, and I will leave my mark in your business.”


What will it take to exceed your clients’ expectations? Try engaging with them, educating them and get excited about helping them.

It also means adding these buttons to your custom fitted suit…

  • Understand their business
  • Understand what makes them tick
  • Care about them
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Provide them insights and a fresh perspective
  • Enhance their experience

What’s your plan? What do you need to do and when will you do it? It is totally up to you! Now go open the door to your authentic self! Watch what happens to your sales career!

Don’t be this…

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