“Complacency is the enemy of study. We cannot really learn anything until we rid ourselves of complacency.”

Mao Zedong

I applaud DirecTV with their bold and ‘direct’ ads on TV. They continue to make an impact within the cable TV wars; but they’ve also made a substantial impact within the sales world (more in a bit).

In a sales campaign from a few years ago, they play on one single phrase which showcased a frontier-era family in a suburban neighborhood stuck in antiquated ways such as a horse-and-buggy and, by the way, cable.

“We’re settler’s son, we settle for things,” explained the father in “Neighbors” when his son politely asked why they can’t have DirecTV like their modern neighbors. In another spot, “Satisfaction” boasted of DirecTV and how they outperformed cable TV in customer satisfaction, highlighting the family’s own means of satisfaction: a stick and hoop, a faceless doll, cabbages and foot-stomping.

Settling, complacency, contentment, relaxed, peaceful; it’s out there right now hiding within the closet of many sales teams. Lurking in the dark shadows of their success and camouflaged where you least expect to find it, a great balancing act of excuses. It’s the silent business killer, ambushing and striking sales teams without warning. It can bring even the biggest and brightest teams to their knees. What’s this hidden terror, settling!

A sales reps’ biggest competitor is the status quo

It can happen to you? It strikes with extreme precision. Settling, it happens so please don’t fool yourself. Settling is a ruthless disease. It doesn’t care about how long you’ve been in sales or what day of the week it is. It cares only of the cold and timid, the hard reality behind this is while you’ve become content a selling from the heart professional has not. They have meticulously rewritten the sales playbook.

“You are where you want to be”



Unguarded, the ‘settling’ disease has been lurking within the sales broom closets for quite some time. This didn’t happen overnight, this happened because of a whole bunch of small decisions over time.


A monthly quota, sure it’s a goal, however; what about your personal goals? What’s your vision and values? Are you operating with a wish or hope list rather than a must have list? Where’s the burning desire? Where’s the drive? Where’s the fortitude? Where’s the plan?


There may be some disagreement as some sales reps will bitch regarding their sales manager constantly riding their backs. However, most sales manager’s focus on the underperformers; spending less and less time focusing on the top performers. I’ve been in bullpens and heard mutterings of “I don’t care what they’re doing as long as they’re hitting their numbers”. Coach, coach and coach! This is why sports dynasties exist.


Often times this radiates with sales reps who have been with the same company for decades or within the same industry for eons, doing the same thing; particularly if their sales role hasn’t progressed.

They’ve been seeing the same clients for years. Day after day, month after month talking about the same products, same services to the same people, monotony of their activity shows up in their attitude towards pushing themselves to the next level; leading to apathy, complacency and taking their clients for granted.

Unless these sales reps find a way to invigorate more energy and interest back into their role, most will just mutter along in mediocrity until something shakes them out of the state they are in. Unfortunately, this translates into losing a client or the threat of losing their job.

“Salespeople have hypnotized themselves into believing what they aren’t doing doesn’t work”


Where’s the drive? Stoke the fire of passion that drives you to do the hard work to be a true one-percenter. Ignite the fire from within!

There is a great quote by my man Keenan within his book, Not Taught

“There isn’t the luxury of time. We used to say, wait until this crisis is over and we’ll get back to normal, but that never happens. We have to be change animals” Michelle McKenzie, President & CEO, Canadian Tourism Commission

The luxury of time no longer exists. Settling has become a rampant epidemic within sales departments. Time is of the essence, as Michelle states, “we have to be change animals”

How are you stoking the fire? Listen to the latest episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast, as we’re joined by Keenan who I guarantee will stoke the fire!:


Speaking of change animals, I have been inspired by the friendship I have developed with Keenan. He smacks change right across the top of the head and strongly challenges the status quo. Keenan brings an acute awareness and understanding that acceptance of change is critical within the information age we live in. This applies directly to the settler’s mentality.

We have only three responses to change – resist it, accept it or create it. A change resistor likes things just the way they are. A change acceptor will wait to see what is happening. While change creators have become today’s problem solvers.

Become the change creators in your industry. Take charge of your journey. Take the journey of self-discovery. Who are you? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

I encourage you to pick up my first book, “Selling From The Heart, How Your Authentic Self Sells You” as this will stoke your fire!


A selling from the heart professional, creates change and pulls organizations forward.

A selling from the heart professional takes action!

A selling from the heart professional identifies new processes, looks for new opportunities, brings new and different insights into businesses with the goal of helping corporate executives solve business problems or challenges.

A selling from the heart professional adopts the mentality focused on helping their prospects and clients for all the right reasons versus closing the “big deal” for their personal benefit.

Lead with your heart and not your wallet

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