“Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new.”
Bob Parsons

The single biggest piece of investment advice: Invest in Yourself!

Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to increase your income without first becoming a better sales professional. In order to obtain better investment results, one must first become a better investor. This means some of your investment must be diversified.

How many on your sales team invest in themselves?

“Poor People Have Big TVs. Rich People Have Big Libraries.”
Jim Rohn

YOUR sales team is the most important thing you can place your time and money on. Are you teaching them to invest?


Without your sales team working on themselves and improving themselves every day, it would be fair to say and unrealistic for you to expect a much different future from the one your sales team operates in right now.

The worst thing you can do as a sales leader is sabotage your teams ‘future’ by having them continue to do the same thing and assume they will automatically improve, advancing to where you wish they would be. This is delusional and wishful thinking.

No sales improvement will happen automatically without your sales team investing in themselves. If you want your team to get better they must invest.

“If you’re not invested you can’t collect”
Leonard Tose



Your sales reps investing in themselves is one of the best return on investments they can have. Whether this be investing in learning a new skill, developing personally or professionally, tapping into their creative side or hiring a business coach, they need to give to themselves first before they can give to others, their clients and prospects.

When your sales team is willing to say yes, I will invest in me, and take that leap of faith the ‘sales gods’ will provide them with amazing rewards.

How well is your sales team doing when it comes to…

  • Reading books
  • Working on their health
  • Setting goals and a plan
  • Attending seminars/workshops
  • Hiring a business coach or mentor

If your sales team operates in an environment where they sell your services, you MUST know that no one will invest in them until they invest in themselves first.

The first half of Selling from the Heart dives into the investment of you.


Investing in your clients, the people who put their business hands in their corporate pockets to pay your company is why your sales team must invest in the client experience. This is why it pays to think of them as investments that you can plan for and nurture over the long term.

How well are your sales reps investing in the client experience?

As Warren Buffet famously said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” It’s time to plant some client trees!

Your sales reps and their brand isn’t about your corporate colors, your logo, or what they say about your company. Their brand is all them, their values and the experience they provide to their clients, your clients.

It’s about your sales reps’ values and how those values influence their interactions with your clients. It’s all about the alignment of values. It’s quite simple, if your clients don’t feel like your sales reps really care about them, want to solve their problems, and are committed to providing the best possible solution then all will be for naught; sales over and they will not and I mean will not earn their loyalty.

“Lead with your heart and not your wallet”


Think about this question for a moment and let it sink in. How well does your sales team know your company?

If your sales team fails to develop an understanding of the inner core values of your company then how can they enhance the client experience?

Your sales reps need to know your corporate brand and what it stands for. They are engaging with your clients and prospects on a daily basis. Some may even say, your sales reps may serve as the face of your organization. The better they understand your corporate values, the more your clients will be able to understand them.

How well does your sales team know the following?

  • Your corporate mission statement
  • Your core values
  • Your vision statement
  • Your ideal client

If your sales team struggles to come up with answers to these questions, or worse, they come up with objectively wrong answers, then you have some work to do.


One of the most important rules in life is to “Invest in yourself”. If you fail to do this then who else will? You and your team must become proactive enough to take that responsibility.

Paying attention to these areas will help your team create a better sales life and a brighter future for themselves. Start now and don’t waste any more time. Take one step at a time and focus.

An investment in these three core areas will pay long term dividends, I promise!

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