“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.”

Bruce Springsteen

When it comes to sales performance, consistency separates the good from the great. How often have you observed a sales rep having a series of record quarters or a banner year, only to follow it up with spats of mediocrity and below average performance?

Consistency, especially in the sales world is an enormous word. This differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful and the professionals from the reps.

Consistency will change the course of your sales life!

  • Consistency allows you to measure results
  • Consistency yields accountability
  • Consistency builds upon your reputation

Like it or not, being consistent is crucial if you want to make any significant change within sales your life.


“Salespeople today are consistently inconsistent”


To be consistent is to completely dedicate yourself to a task, activity or goal. It means to fully remain engaged without distraction. I’m simply amazed and astonished how many in sales negotiate with themselves the non-negotiable aspects of their job!

To be consistent requires commitment. It requires you to commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long-term. Keep your word to yourself, management and your family that you will follow through with what you set out to do.

Just do your job! This is what you signed up for when you decided to work within the sales profession.


Most salespeople struggle with staying consistent over the long-term because so much of the focus is placed on the short term. If they don’t get immediate results from their actions, they don’t see the point with continuing with those actions over the long-haul. One can point the finger directly at management for fostering this short term behavior.

Many find it difficult to stay consistent because there are just too many distractions. Salespeople are simply not focused, committed nor disciplined enough to stick with something in the short-term for long-term results.

“Just stop the excuses and get to work!”

There are no quick results and no silver bullet moments when it comes to a commitment to consistency. Consistency, it’s all about making incremental improvements over time. The results you’re after will eventually come, however; they’ll come over an extended period of time when you commit to consistency.

The right activity + enhancing the skill set + daily habits = sales success


In order to remain consistent, one must commit to being consistent. This at the heart, the core of every sales professional.

A sales professional realizes the greatest power lies in the present moment. They understand consistency demands they stay attentive, present and mindful without losing focus. It demands they remain disciplined to the moment without exception, no questions asked.

Many in sales struggle with consistency! When they fail to see immediate results from their actions, they give up!

A true sales professional…

  • Stays disciplined in the moment
  • They understand “right now” is the only moment that matters
  • They stay consistent in the moment as they know what they need to do

They consistently apply themselves over an extended period of time in order to reap long-term sales rewards. I know this may sound simple on the surface but we live in a sales society built upon instant gratification No wonder only a small amount of sales professionals achieve any worthwhile long-term success?

“Success, it’s not a light switch you turn off and on”


Consistency over time requires planning. A sales professional thinks ahead as they plan, prepare and practice consistent behaviors. They understand their core activities are built around their values, a purpose, a plan and goals. If for any reason their priorities are not in alignment with these areas, they understand it will be difficult to maintain consistency over the long-haul.

What specifically can you do to maintain consistency?

How will you remain consistent when you get distracted from your core activities?

A sales professional builds small consistent daily routines to help them form new habits as they know this assists them in supporting their goals.


Consistency along with focus comes in the form of proper preparation, planning and practice. A professional prepares each day with consistent action. They mentally prepare themselves with daily doses of self-reflection.

They ask of themselves:

  • What action do I need to do to achieve my goal?
  • What actions and activities do I need to repeat to achieve my goal?

They are laser focused and have a clear idea of what needs to happen in order to achieve their desired outcome.

They understand what repetitive activities they must do and simply take action.


Steady focus is at the core of a sales professional.

They understand and…

  • Focus on what’s most important now
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Focus on the extreme execution of the activity, prospecting

A sales professional focuses in on the one most important thing they need to do at this moment in time to help them in the long-run to accomplish their goals. Extreme focus is not easy. It requires discipline and accountability over the long-term.

A sales professional constantly asks themselves…

How must I think to stay focused?

They push through the discomfort, they don’t give up and stay the course until they have achieved their goals.


Your sales life is too precious to waste away. Your future rests solely in your hands. You and you alone decide what you’ll focus on. You and you alone choose to be distracted. You and you alone can only decide to take action. This all begins with small steps and a positive mindset. You must commit yourself to consistency each and every single day without fail for weeks, months and years.

You may not see immediate results but over time and with consistent action you will build the foundations of a meaningful sales life.

“Salespeople today are consistently inconsistent”

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