We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sales reps, you need to forget bacon, eggs, and toast. The breakfast of smart sales champions in 2017 is social listening with a side of social sharing.

Allow me to offer a few quick definitions:

Social Listening: Paying attention to what’s going on with your target companies and their key decision makers.

Sharing: Finding useful content to share inside your social networks to position you as an expert and creates top-of-mind awareness.

My Sales Breakfast Routine

OK, I still like a hot breakfast. But when it comes to setting up my day, breakfast includes more than bacon, eggs, and toast. It includes content, social sharing, and social listening. Here are the key parts of my sales breakfast.

Bacon: Content

Let’s be honest: the best part of breakfast is bacon. When it comes to social selling, the bacon is content: websites and blogs of my current accounts, target prospects, and vendor partners.

Rather than visit the websites of every customer, prospect, and vendor each day, I’ve created one place to consume and share useful content that works on my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. (Yes, I’m an Apple junkie. Android people can use the same apps.) No matter where I am or what device is in front of me, I can access my content.

I use the app Feedly. Every morning it serves up articles from websites and blogs that I follow.

Sales reps need to follow three types of content:

  1. Clients: Follow your client’s websites so you can stay in the loop with what’s important to them. This gives you great content to discuss in your QBR’s (quarterly business reviews!) and walkthroughs.
  2. Prospects: Follow the websites and blogs of your target accounts. You’ll be amazed what you learn. You can use this content to drive conversations with your prospects. Instead of just doing the sleepy old, “I’m calling to check on you phone call” you can share the article with the prospect by email: “I noticed you’re launching three new products this month. How do you see this impacting your operations and workflow.”
  3. Shareable Information: Every day, sales reps should share 2-3 useful pieces of information on LinkedIn. Superstar reps also share content on Twitter. How do you find this information? Follow the types of content that your prospects follow. If you call on CFO’s, follow Forbes, CFO Magazine, and the local business journal. Next, follow your dealership’s blog (Don’t have a blog? Check out our partner’s blogging service to get custom articles written every week!) along with your technology partners. Not only will you find information to share that positions you as an expert, you might also learn something each day!

Eggs: Share Content

The next step is to share this relevant content. However, if you share five articles at the same time you’ll miss the impact of sharing content throughout the day. Fortunately, there are apps that allow you to queue up content to be shared.

My favorite one is Buffer. This simple plugin in your browser, iPad, and even Feedly allows you to line up social posts that then get dripped out through the day. Buffer even uses an algorithm to figure out the best time to share your content. This way you can have a steady stream of updates creating top of mind awareness for you without having to sit behind a computer all day.

Toast: Monitor Your Connections

The last thing you want to eat for breakfast is LinkedIn. Make sure you socially-surround your current accounts and target prospects. Spend 15-20 minutes scrolling through your LinkedIn looking for opportunities to like, comment, and reshare posts from your connections. Look for social signals like job changes, new locations, and people looking for answers to questions.

Blogs and social are the breakfast of champions. Get to work now:

  1. Download Feedly.
  2. Download Buffer.
  3. Follow your customers and targets.
  4. Follow interesting information that you can reshare like Forbes or Business Insider.
  5. Check your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator feeds.

For more insight on integrating social selling into your daily routine check out the Social Sales Transformation program.

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