“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let out true selves be seen.”

Brene Brown

Authenticity is one of the biggest challenges for salespeople in a profession riddled with scrupulous, fake and disingenuous sales reps; that quite frankly many buyers despise them. However, authenticity separates sales reps from sales professionals and this is what buyers want!

It may sound a bit touchy-feely but set aside some alone time, take a look inside yourself as sales is all about building credible, genuine and real relationships. In order to build relationships and change the way people think while prospecting, you need to understand who you are and what goods you bring to the table. Here lies the issue for many sales reps, they don’t understand the value they bring to the marketplace because they haven’t spent the time investing in themselves.

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition”


Authenticity, it’s making the conscious choice based on accurate self-knowledge. This means stepping outside the shallow world in which many in sales live. Prospecting is not an easy thing to do as we have so many things that distract the mind.

“Sales reps have hypnotized themselves into believing what they aren’t doing doesn’t work”

Authenticity is a choice. It’s not easy, but for sales professionals this is the difference between just getting by and making it happen. Self-reflect for a moment, asking yourself what does it means to lead an authentic prospecting lifestyle? It’s hard work. It’s looking right into the mirror, asking tough questions and answering them. You’re in charge of your own sales career.


The lack of trust with sales people has become an epidemic. According to a survey from HubSpot Research, only a mere 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy.

How many of the prospects you work with are skeptical and have low levels of trust? Skepticism is peaked out at max levels and most are scraping the bottom with low levels of trust.

No one wants to slow down and realize there’s some work to be done when it comes to prospecting. It starts with leadership as prospecting has hit the mass critical stage within many sales teams.

How many is sales constantly hear the saying, “Sales is a numbers game”, “It’s a numbers game, go out there and prospect some more!” I want to puke when I hear this!

Quantity is important when it comes to prospecting but so is quality and efficiency. Quality comes from the behind the scenes work to be able to deliver quantity.

“Sales leaders are readers as they invest in themselves”

They do the hard work to make sure that when they get in front of a prospect they have an opportunity to truly bring the goods.

They understand their heart is behind the hard work.


The heart behind prospecting is the quality. A sales professional places their heart at the forefront as they truly want to make a difference in the lives of their clients and prospects.

It’s the fundamental reality of all those in sales that every sales professional needs to prospect. Prospecting for new business… we talk about it and measure quantity but how many truly monitor quality?

How many bring to the forefront the quality in making sure when they write the email, pick up the phone, walk in the front door or make the social connection that what they deliver matters and can bring value?

“Those who care the most when it comes to prospecting will consistently have food on the business table.”


A sales professional waves the flag of value before visibility. They weave value into their communication.

How many understand how to truly weave value into an effective business conversation?

To authentically prospect means to truly understand your values, what your prospect values and incorporate this into an effective business conversation.

Unfortunately prospecting has become a negotiable item?


We all want short term results when it comes to prospecting. Many in sales get whacked over the head for 30 day and quarterly results but how many add in a long term perspective when it comes to prospecting?

“Sales reps are consistently inconsistent when it comes to prospecting”

Sure, you’ll find an opportunity when the ball rests on the one yard line or when the opportunity sits inside the red zone but let’s not discount the long term vision. A vast majority of conversations when prospecting will not fit into a short term window but will be there someday.

To authentically prospect means to balance a short term sales funnel with a longer term relationship funnel. Not every opportunity will fit into the 30 day or quarterly window. Let’s not ignore them but nurture them.

A sales professional knows what it means to balance their relationship funnel alongside their sales funnel. With authenticity and a blend of caring they nurture their relationship funnel with education and insight.


Authenticity starts when you set the intention and muster up self-fortitude to be genuine. You must become keenly aware of what this looks and feels like, along with the willingness to act in accordance with your genuine nature.

In a world full of self-interested salespeople who look at prospects as dollar signs, an authentic sales professional stands out like a shining star.

An authentic sales professional prospects with the mindset of a sales servant. They’ve developed a how can I help mindset. They have a true burning and genuine desire to help.

Being the real you is scary while prospecting. We need to get real and get honest with ourselves. Take off the ‘bravado mask’ that hinders you from prospecting. The barrier it’s creating will not last forever. Be the real you, not a prospecting imposter.

If you would like to know more about Authentic Prospecting, please tune into the latest episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast.

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