Peyton Manning, the true personification of what it means to be a quarterback in the National Football League. He was the first one at the practice facility to work out, first to watch game film and then off to the practice field for 3 hours. He not only studied offensive schemes but he would also study the defensive coordinator he’d be facing in the next game. He wanted to know what the defense was preparing to do.

Imagine a sales rep studying their competition to know how well to sell against them?

Peyton Manning never rested on his laurels. I encourage sales reps to please take notes. He prepared like no other quarterback before him. He didn’t care about how many Twitter followers or Instagram likes nor how many sports cars he owned; he stayed true to himself on what mattered most, preparation to play the game.

He built a football legacy on the field and off the field he built a branding empire. What I admire most about Peyton Manning was he stayed true himself. He was genuine, authentic and was definitely not fake when it came to building his brand.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Peyton Manning


As sales rep, your brand whether you believe it or not is extremely important to your success in this highly connected, digital business world.

How much time and effort are you dedicating to building your personal brand? 

You do have a brand. It is what people associate with you; it is WHY your professional and personal network seeks you out for information.

Social media is everywhere. It is deeply rooted in our society and it is not going away. You have not only the ability but you now MUST manage your own reputation both online and offline as a sales rep. When you interact with your prospects and clients they’ll build up an image of who you are over time.

Personal branding is about taking control of the messages your prospects and clients get back. I guarantee, if you don’t control those messages then someone else will and it won’t be pretty.


  • Your online reputation is your reputation
  • Who you are in one area will be how you are perceived in all areas
  • Reputation is often more important than money
  •  Other people can more easily make their opinions of you go viral

The question becomes, how do you become more recognizable? How do you build your authority? How do you build becoming the subject matter expert? How do you create your following?

“How do we differentiate ourselves enough that they (prospects) want to talk to us and not feel they are getting the same story they hear from every other sales rep?”


Understanding who you are is your launching pad and how this relates to opening up new conversations with your prospects and clients. How you communicate your unique promise of value is what will separate you from your competition.


How hard would it be to build a brand around a facade? Some do, as you would have to act a certain way, appear a certain way and even communicate a certain way.

Your brand must be a reflection of who you are. You must believe it. You must own it. You must know what it stands for. You must know your strengths and your weaknesses. Wear those emotions on your business sleeve.

People connect with other people. It is all about the personal connection. If you are “blowing smoke” at people what is the likelihood they will come to trust you?

Your clients and prospects deserve an authentic experience. B.S. meters are at an all- time high as people can tell the difference when we they see sales pitches from salespeople who do not care. There is no passion, the sense of “why” is missing. Those exhibiting a heart for sales and a focus on their clients bring an air of authenticity into the room.

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