In Man’s Search For Meaning, Victor Frankl says we are more likely to make progress when we believe in the significance of what we are doing. Whether you are a sales professional, sales leader, or company owner, reconnecting with the “why” behind what you do could be the single biggest factor to drive success in the new year.

As sales professionals, hitting financial goals will only motivate you so much. Once you hit a certain threshold of financial success goals, it takes more to keep you going.

What is the significance of what you do? The answer to this question will be different from everyone. However, as you consider the question, allow me to offer some categories.

Impact On Your Clients

How do the products, services, or solutions you sell add value to your clients? On the surface, your offerings may seem to offer some cold financial benefits like helping your clients save money by running more efficiently. No matter what you sell, I promise that your products do more than save someone money or generate more revenue. The value goes much deeper.

Pull out a piece of paper. At the top, write out the product or product category that you sell. Then bullet out answers to these questions:

  • How does it solve a problem? What does it mean for these problems to be solved?
  • How does it improve their lifestyle or work environment? What does this mean to the people that work there and their families?
  • How does it save money or help generate more revenue? What does this do for the company, its employees, and its shareholders?
  • Do your offerings create or preserve jobs? What does this mean for the local community?

The solutions you offer help your buyers. As they successfully deploy your solutions, it enhances their value in the companies for which they work. This helps secure their jobs and opens the door for future promotions.

What you sell adds value. Yes, some of this value goes to the bottom line of the companies or individuals you serve. But the true value goes deeper. The more you understand the value you bring, the more significance you will realize from your role as a sales professional and the more success you will enjoy.

Impact On Your World

In what ways do the ideas that you bring to the clients you serve make the world a better place. We all know that the best sales professionals do more than just rep a product–they bring insights. The ideas, experience, and vision that you bring to your clients and prospects makes the world a better place.

What are you contributing to the industry that provides your income? What ideas can you share to help make your world a better place?

Impact On Your Community

How do you impact your community? In what ways does your company give back to the community? As you are financially successful, in what ways do you give back to the community? Good things don’t happen by accident. Nonprofits don’t magically succeed. They survive and thrive when successful business people create the resources and generously give.

As a sales professional, what impact is your success having on the local community? This can be measured in money given. It can also be measured in time.

Impact On Your Family

How does your success impact your family? Your financial success opens the door for opportunities for your wife. This includes the obvious things like providing opportunities like college and funding a retirement. It also includes creating financial security. It provides for moments for connection during vacations.

Connect With Your Significance

I challenge you to take a deep dive into the significance of what you do every day. Write down how your role makes the world a better place. Type this up and review it each day in the new year. The more we connect with our significance, the more we will find success.

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