“You can’t be striving to please; you must be striving to get to the heart of the matter”
Vanessa Redgrave

Heart is greatly misunderstood. Heart is relevant in sales, culture, and in leadership yet so many get it wrong.

Getting to the heart of the matter, if sales reps are unable to uncover a personal or emotional need for the prospect to make a change, then they might consider breaking off the meeting, thanking them for their time and move on to the next prospect.

Yes, I know it may be harsh BUT all too often many sales reps will continue down the journey without finding what motivates the prospect to buy, and then they wonder why they can’t close the sale.

“It’s not your motivation to sell, it’s their motivation to buy”


Turn to your heart. In sales, heart is ignored. “Heart-based” sounds “touchy-feely”. How can heart matter when there’s an overdose of sales metrics combined with a what have you done for me lately attitude existing inside many sales teams?

Heart-based sounds weak and not cool. How can heart matter when competitors are making each sale more challenging than the last one?

One’s heart gets caged as unfortunately hard-core metrics still rule the sales roost.

A Selling From the Heart professional lives and leads with their heart. Heart is about place and comfort. They’re in a place to make a difference. This shows and is exhibited in how they care for their clients. By living and leading with their heart, they create meaningful and unbreakable sales bonds that last a lifetime.

Heartfelt sales professionals are leaders: they build relationships, cast vision, and motivate people to take action.

“It’s about having the heart to rise up”


Real change in sales results starts with the heart. We need to peel away the layers of sales tactics to get to the root issues of the heart. This is where true motivation comes from. Tactics are OK, but to affect real change, we need to get to the heart of the matter.

Heart is the center our being. We all seek more meaning and purpose in our personal lives but few know how to connect this in our sales lives. Getting your heart right will ensure a long and fulfilling sales career.

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition”

A Selling From the Heart professional gets to root issues of the heart: authenticity, belief, and values.


Authenticity in a world full of sales fakes and being genuine with ones follow through is sorely lacking within the sales community.

Authenticity is one of the biggest challenges for salespeople in a profession riddled with scrupulous, fake and disingenuous sales reps; that quite frankly many buyers despise them. However, authenticity separates sales reps from sales professionals and this is what buyers want!

It’s about moving from being seen as untrustworthy to being seen as authentic and genuine. Yes, you must become a bit vulnerable with yourself as this is where it starts. In order to build relationships and change the way people think, you need to understand who you are and what goods you bring to the table.

Authenticity requires self-knowledge and self-awareness. A Selling from the Heart professional accepts their strengths and weaknesses. They’re accountable to themselves. They’re connected to their values and desires. They act deliberately in ways consistent with those qualities.

Plain and simple, at the core of a Selling from the Heart professional lies one word… CARE!


“Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself.”
— Maxwell Maltz

A Selling From the Heart professional has sincere belief in themselves. They’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. They understand who they are as they have an authentic sense of themselves.

  • They encourage themselves to be themselves
  • Believing in themselves sets them apart from all others in sales

In order to succeed in sales, we must understand that in just being ourselves we’re good enough to be great.

It’s their belief in their ability to succeed in sales by being themselves. This automatically sets themselves apart from all of the other sales reps, who show up, throw up and fail to ask heartfelt questions.

Every day they ask themselves…

  • What do I believe in about myself?
  • What do I believe in about my abilities?
  • What do I believe my sales future will look like?


“Know thy value, know thyself”

A true professional understands it is not about being different in your sales life as in your personal life. It’s about congruency. It’s about the alignment of you. The genuine, authentic and real deal version of you.

A true professional dedicates themselves to the sales profession. They add value because they understand their value. It’s about the value they bring to the business table. They know what makes them different than all the other sales reps in their marketplace.

They understand the alignment of values. They understand and do the right things for the right reasons. They take the time to really understand their clients, their goals and their initiatives. They do this because they care.

It’s imperative that a sales professional marry their value, their client’s value and their company’s value in complete harmony; one that is uniquely suited to promote growth and better business.

Get Real, Get Results… In our Value Alignment Workshop, it’s all about gaining an understanding and clearly articulate value propositions that resonate with prospects and clients.

  • Understanding Your Value
  • How To Quickly Uncover What Your Prospects Value
  • Developing Your Personal Value Framework


Heart is a place where one develops and gains strength. Sales reps that embrace their heart will grow in purpose, profit and impact. Sales reps that embrace heart will strengthen their client relationships with many stakeholders, producing long-lasting results.

Your clients and prospects crave a genuine, authentic, real-deal and Selling From the Heart professional. I urge all of you to lead a sales life full of authenticity and integrity rather than the pursuit of lining your sales wallet.

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