The digital business world is constantly changing as social media outlets allow companies to be perceived as interactive and relevant to prospects and their clients. There is a demand for a more personalized message from companies, especially so from executive leadership and management.

“In today’s hyper-connected, information driven world, CEO’s and senior executives alike are expected to have an active social presence. Brand image, brand trust and a company’s long term success depend on it”

Ann Charles, BRANDfog Founder & CEO

In a recent survey by BRANDfog they go on to state that “83% of U.S. respondents believe that CEO participation in social media can build better connections with customers, employees and investors.” Connections create relationships which resonate with clients and prospects inclining them to be more attentive to your corporate brand.

It’s time for transformation inside the sales departments of today. Your sales reps are contending with an increasingly competitive marketplace, an ever-expanding range of products and services, new channels of customer engagement and an expanding list of competitors. The power has shifted from sellers to buyers. They are better informed, better educated and always connected to a world of opinion, advice and information; all thanks to Google, mobile and social technologies. Now the customer controls the conversation.

Attention to all EXECUTIVES your sales team must adopt a 21st century approach to the sales profession.

As much as technology continues to change, the sales process and tools your sales reps use must propel them well into the 21st century.

Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the B2B social platforms have forever impacted the sales profession like no other piece of technology or software over the past 25 years.

Whether you believe it or not meet the new additions to your sales team…


I encourage you as leaders to rethink your sales team’s sales process and align it to that of the buyer’s journey. In order to do this, there must be a fundamental and renewed focus on driving tighter alignment between people, process and available technologies.


“Successful leaders will no longer be measured just by stock price. Managing and communicating with shareholders, employees, government, community, customers will be table stakes in the future. They are talking about your business anyway. Why not be included in the conversation?”

Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada

In a study conducted by Weber Shandwick, they found social media use on the part of CEO’s essential because it allows them to narrate their company news. Here is the link to find out more.

The single biggest reason social aspects of selling aren’t resonating with your sales team is YOU! You haven’t bought into it. For whatever reason, either you don’t like change or you don’t think it’s important to leverage technology to maximize client acquisition, open more doors for your sales team, and to increase your client retention.


Regardless of what your sales team is doing with social now, your clients and the public will always take its biggest cues from leaders. So if you aren’t active on social then you’re essentially overlooking a gap your competitors will jump at a chance to fill.

Credibility, as leaders you must openly and continually communicate your values, using different platforms such as social. When you as the leader engage and leverage social this becomes magnified creating a ripple effect throughout your sales team.

Unfortunately, many executives under-communicate their values. I encourage you to broadcast your values through the social megaphone.


As the leader you are steering your company to growth and profitability.

“Why do you hide behind a marketing curtain, your website?”

A short website bio, usually without contact information, makes most executives appear inaccessible. If your goal is to be a customer-facing and customer-focused company then showcase yourself, your personality, your values, your knowledge and expertise leveraging social. This goes a long way in defining you!

Becoming active on social puts your ear to the digital ground. When you’re active on social, you’re plugged into what’s happening all around you. You can’t afford to get that kind of insight, intelligence or information secondhand. You can’t put a price on staying ahead of the pack.

Are you getting the vision and how this relates to your sales team becoming active integrating social into their sales process?


Social platforms are another way of opening up a conversation and networking out in your community.

When you are active on social media you put a powerful platform for messaging and driving conversation to its best possible use. You form better relationships with the public, your clients, prospects and most importantly your sales team.

Think of your current clients and the people they know. Social networks have become woven into our society. What better way to drive incremental sales revenue than to be introduced into the networks of people already doing business with you, your clients!

Can you say, REFERRALS? I thought so!

With the right engagement strategy, social-savvy executives can foster meaningful conversations and grow relationships which turn into real business opportunities. An active social presence effectively means there’s a networking event anywhere or anytime.

Can you imagine the ripple effect this can have to your sales team? Roll up the sleeves and become the role model for your sales team.


You are the top forward-facing brand ambassador of your company. Incorporate the plethora of social platforms to share your personal story about your accomplishments as well as your company’s brand story around why you do what you do, what you stand for and more importantly who you help.

With confidence, I can say you will generate conversations that can be converted to opportunities. We all know nothing happens in sales without opening a conversation.

I am sure you’ll agree relationships are the building block of any successful business. Leaders who take the time to follow, connect and converse with peers, clients and businesses by interacting with content or replying to a conversation can generate trust and legitimacy leading to conversion.

Become more social and generate sales opportunities for your business.


Social media use inside your sales department is no longer optional. Every member of your sales team including yourself must embrace, use and understand the role social plays in enhancing the sales funnel.

For those executives who establish a presence on relevant social platforms; there exists an opportunity for tremendous growth and success while solidifying their place within the fast paced digital business world.

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

In 2016, I was recognized by ENX Magazine as, “The Difference Maker,” as someone who is making a difference inside the B2B office technology sector. I am passionate about helping sales reps succeed in creating their online brand image

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my LinkedIn stories. Integrating the use of LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive copier world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire Sales Teams to grow new business by helping them tell their story and communicate integrating the use of social media. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast at Selling from the Heart.


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