“When we make progress and get better at something, it is inherently motivating. In order for people to make progress, they have to get feedback and information on how they’re doing.”
Daniel H. Pink

Your clients… their needs are constantly evolving. Are you keeping up with what they need? They hold the keys to your success. They’re no longer at the mercy of you or your company. In fact, they’re more interested in the experience than your products or fancy wares.

I bet what they really crave from you is clarity, transparency, realness and caring; not vagueness, insincerity or fakeness.

Client experience goes beyond service.

In a few short words, how would your clients describe their service experience with you?

Come on, I’m waiting for the words. What would they be?

  • Are you personalizing your level of service to your clients?
  • Are you in continual contact with your clients?
  • Are you listening to your clients?

How well are you creating experiences and memories for your clients? In this highly competitive business world where many have pigeon-holed you into a commodity, how the heck are you standing out with your most precious asset; your clients?

Whose fault is it that you’re being pigeon-holed as a commodity?

When’s the last time you’ve asked one of your clients what they thought of you?


How well do you really understand what your largest clients want? Do you understand what they really desire? Are you even relevant in their eyes? Do you even know?

How many of you can honestly answer these questions?

Gut check time, isn’t it?

I would like for you to think about your largest client, got it? Think about how much they mean to you and your company.

What would it mean to you and your company if you lost your largest client?

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Your clients are arguably one of THEE most important factors in your long term success. This is why the more successful you’re at understanding and forming meaningful relationships with your clients, the more successful you’ll become.

In a sales world where trust is sorely lacking, no wonder many (yes some of your clients) are skeptical about what you say, how you say it and why you say it.

How well do you know your clients?

What words would your clients use at this very moment to describe the support or the experiences you provide to them?


Everyone in sales needs a periodic reality gut check when it comes to client perceptions.

Cold doses of raw feedback is necessary in order to grow.

Humble pie tastes better with a nice cup of coffee.

I encourage all of you to be on the lookout. There might just be an interesting gap between your ideas of what your clients think of you versus what they actually think.

How your clients perceive you just might be the key to your sales growth. How many of you right now, at this very moment, truly understand the impact this has to you?

How many of your clients see you as being available and helpful to them?

How many of your clients think of you as heartfelt, caring and trustworthy or unreliable, arrogant and pompous?

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So much opportunity sits within your current client base. How well are you connecting with your clients?

I’m deeply concerned that many in sales have taken their clients for granted. They’ve failed at building, nurturing and growing their relationships. Building relationships with your clients is not a light switch you turn on then off. It’s the emotional connection, the human connection and the heartfelt connection you make with each and every one of them.

Trust me on this one… fail to do this and I promise you at some point I know what will happen.


If you truly want to get to know your clients then take off the sales hat, roll up your sleeves and engage in healthy conversation.

What prevents you from getting to know your clients?

I’m concerned! I believe very few salespeople are having meaningful conversations with their clients outside of the selling process. How many new relationships are you developing inside your current client base?

How well are you making your clients feel before, during and after doing business with them?

  • What words would your clients use to describe how you make them feel?
  • What words would your clients use to describe how you care about them?
  • What words would your clients use to describe how much they trust you?
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Focus on developing conversations, not sales campaigns. It’s not about your agenda, it is about opening up human to human conversation. It is not about you it is about helping your client. Develop a sincere desire and demonstrate you’re interested in your client’s world and what motivates them.

What words would your clients use to describe you?

Meaningful and credible relationships do matter! Discover the power of relational selling at Selling From the Heart. Be on the lookout for upcoming webinars, training workshops and coaching programs around how to prevent all of this from happening.

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