Selling From the Heart Champions are sales professionals and their leaders who passionately demonstrate the values of selling from the heart: being authentic, genuine, honest, and willing to do the hard work to serve their clients.

Sean Kelley

I may be biased because I work with Sean. But here is my best example of I have on way Sean should be considered as “The Selling  From The Heart” champion. After I joined Linkedin, I have had many people reach out to me with some really good career opportunities. Some were hard to pass on but I did for one reason, everyone who offered me a position never made it about “helping” people, it was all about money. Now, I love money, don’t get me wrong, but money is not my main reward in life. It’s helping people improve their live and knowing I helped.
We work with dealerships by coaching all the sales depts, managers and salespeople. We start by doing a 2 day assessment of the dealership by talking and uncovering the areas that we can help them through coaching. After the assessment, we present our proposal which includes our action plan and what we charge for our services.
What really impressed me was when I asked Sean what happens if the decide not to sign with us for the job.. Without a second of hesitation, Sean says we still tell them what they need to work on. It’s the right thing to do. I can not imagine anyone being so generous with their help after be turned down. 99.9% of people would take it personal and not be willing to do that.
Please put Sean at the top of your winners list. He deserves it

Nominated by Jay Jensen

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