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Will this work with our current sales model?

Yes. There are many great sales models. No matter what sales model you use, it can be enhanced with Selling From the Heart Skills. Relational Sales helps strengthen your sales team’s relationships with current and future clients. Value Alignment helps ensure your reps can clearly articulate the aspects of your value proposition that mean the most to a specific prospect.

What kind of results can we expect?

Building a sales culture that sells from the heart with strong relational selling skills and clear value articulation helps improve many key areas of your sales team:

  • Boost Client Retention by stronger client relationships with multiple people in current accounts.
  • Get More Referrals by building and nurturing a strong network.
  • Improve Win Rates by influencing multiple buyers and delivering Personalized Value Propositions.
  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent as you instill a deeper sense of purpose into your sales team.

How can managers support the results?

Management involvement is critical for any sustained change. Selling From the Heart works best when leaders adopt the strategies, support culture change, and hold reps accountable. All of our sales team programs include a management component to ensure successful adoption.

Should we do onsite or online?

We realize the costs of pulling sales reps out of the field. We also realize that some training best happens in a focused environment. Finally, training needs to move from the training room to the real world. That’s why we recommend a hybrid approach. Most of our training programs begin with an onsite workshop. Once the foundation is laid, we work to ensure implementation through online coaching and training over a period of time. That said, if you require online training only, we will support you.

Do you do license the training or do train-the-trainer?

Yes. If you are a sales trainer looking to offer additional courses to your clients, you can apply to become a certified Selling From the Heart training partner. If you manage a learning and development team in a large organization, we have experience customizing training programs and developing train-the-trainer materials. We’d love to talk with you and share our references.

How Do We Get Started?

We thought you’d never ask! It all begins with a conversation about your sales goals, culture, and challenges. We’d love to talk. Click here to book a conversation.

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