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Koka Sexton-Humanizing Sales Automation

Koka Sexton-Humanizing Sales Automation

With the growth of sales automation technologies, many sales teams have lost the human touch. We’re joined today by Koka Sexton, founder of Koka Sexton Consulting. This is an honest discussion on how to humanize sales interactions. We’ll discuss how to blend authenticity with automation.

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Jake Dunlap-Be Authentic  Inside the Process

Jake Dunlap-Be Authentic Inside the Process

Working inside a sales process helps drive effectiveness and efficiency for sales reps. Today we talk with Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled Consulting where he help companies operationalize key aspects of their sales and marketing organization. This is a compelling discussion with Jake about how to improve your processes while remaining authentic.

Rick Denley-Reinvent Yourself

Rick Denley-Reinvent Yourself

Right now, all sales professionals are faced with the challenge of reinventing themselves in this new economy. Rick Denley wrote the book on this topic: Reinvent Yourself: Personal, Positive Growth through any Mess, Movement and Mission! You’ll appreciate the ideas in this conversation and be inspired to consider ways to reinvent yourself.

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