This is refreshing outlook outside of traditional sales books and trainings. Larry Levine enables you with the right tools to dig deep and find the real YOU! Selling from the Heart will make you feel empowered and ready to develop your OWN road map of success personally and professionally. The only drawback is how long do I have to wait for the sequel? Five Stars!

I had the pleasure of hearing Larry Levine speak a few years ago. I knew as a sales rep, I was different and unique. I truly cared about my clients and relationships. I was unsure and lacked confidence on how to communicate this effectively in the marketplace. After Larry’s presentation, I did my homework. I can tell you it was at this moment I shifted from a “sales rep” to a ” sales professional”. By taking the time to understand my clients needs, what value I brought to the table, I was able to really communicate my brand. Larry Levine is an amazing mentor. I keep fine tuning my story and brand. Not necessarily because my sales have gone stale, but because Larry has helped me see the true value I can personally bring by always being at my best for my clients. In the sales world, I’ve been told you “care too much”. “Don’t spend so much time on that issue, go get the next sale!”. Larry has provided me with the confidence to be my true authentic self. As a professional, I know I’m making a difference. Thank you Larry for your continued support and keeping it real. I have not only benefited from your training, but my clients and partnerships have seen the return too!

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