I have been in sales for over 30 years. Probably for longer as we are all selling some idea or a product to somebody. Whether that be on the job, in a relationship, as a parent, or even as a child, we all have learned the need to negotiate.

For the past 20 years I have been selling office technology or leading sales teams that sell office technology all along the East Coast including 13 years in Washington DC. My passion for sales never grows old. There are always challenges to meet. What worked 20 years ago, may only partially work today. Buyers are smarter than they ever were. They know more than many salespeople do, depending on what and how much they research on the internet and speak with their peers.

I came across Larry Levine somehow on LinkedIn. At first I thought he was a bit too cocky for my liking and I periodically challenged him. As I listened to him, I saw that he was sincere. This sincerity made me listen even more.

Larry was bringing about change to many minds that have been entrenched in doing things a certain way. He was trying to dig people out of the old ways and introduce them to the modern buyer with techniques that would help build trust.

I stopped paying attention to Larry for a bit but the more I saw the changes in buyers, the more I realized what Larry was saying was true. So I peeked at his LinkedIn profile one day and he quickly messaged me and asked if I was open for a chat.

Well it led to a second chat, then a chance meeting at an event, a few more chats and before long I realized that Larry was really on to something. So much so, I was thinking Larry would be a real valuable asset to bring into our company to help bring about change.

So Larry came to visit us across the country to spend a full day with our sales team and the owner. He was without doubt, one of the top “trainers” I’ve ever worked with over the years. His energy held the room’s attention for the full day. He was tireless, thought provoking, engaging, challenging and fairly entertaining too. The team could relate to him because as he says, he has walked in their shoes.

The best part with working with Larry is he takes ownership in the process. He takes our investment in him seriously and he knows he needs to hold us accountable in order for us to stick with the program. Change is never easy. We get busy and before long we slip into old habits.  Larry has stayed on top of us in spite of his busy travel schedule, he puts a ton of effort into our calls with the team and you made to  feel that he is only working with us.

The buyers have changed, sales organizations have changed, but the ideas of treating people well, putting others first, being servant minded and being authentic has been around for years. It just hasn’t really been discussed with much frequency. Nor do most people think that any salespeople have these traits. Occasionally they find one and they will stick with that person for a long time.

I say all of this because Larry brings far more than Social selling ideas to the table. He will get you to think about your Why. That is a game changer. Most sales trainers want to get through the program and collect checks. Larry is actually concerned about your Why and will make you do some soul searching to find it. When you do, you will be open to real change for improvement.

I can’t thank Larry enough for what he’s done. I would write pages on how he has helped me with my coaching and leadership as well as my desire to keep the passion of sales lit as a fire. I suggest that you give Larry a call and be open to the conversation. You will be grateful that you did.

In Selling From the Heart, one will be getting this same down to Earth approach from a very genuine, authentic person who will help you to get better at what you do and why you do it in the first place!

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