Andy Hill

They say that actions speak louder than words, so when Larry asked me to write a personal character reference for this book I knew I had to take action. You see that is what Larry does – he inspires action.

I have seen this first hand at a partner conference where he took a room full of seasoned (read skeptical) copier business owners from “social media has no place in my business” to “I need to get back and maximize how my sales reps are using social media” – it’s a sight to behold.

If you engage in any kind of social media activity with Larry, whether LinkedIn or Twitter, you can rely on him to reply with a thoughtful response  – he really does walk the talk, every single day.

If I were to sum up my personal experience of Larry I would say he is authentic, genuine, and one of the few people who has cracked the social selling code.

Carrie McCann

This is refreshing outlook outside of traditional sales books and trainings. Larry Levine enables you with the right tools to dig deep and find the real YOU! Selling from the Heart will make you feel empowered and ready to develop your OWN road map of success personally and professionally. The only drawback is how long do I have to wait for the sequel? Five Stars!

I had the pleasure of hearing Larry Levine speak a few years ago. I knew as a sales rep, I was different and unique. I truly cared about my clients and relationships. I was unsure and lacked confidence on how to communicate this effectively in the marketplace. After Larry’s presentation, I did my homework. I can tell you it was at this moment I shifted from a “sales rep” to a ” sales professional”. By taking the time to understand my clients needs, what value I brought to the table, I was able to really communicate my brand. Larry Levine is an amazing mentor. I keep fine tuning my story and brand. Not necessarily because my sales have gone stale, but because Larry has helped me see the true value I can personally bring by always being at my best for my clients. In the sales world, I’ve been told you “care too much”. “Don’t spend so much time on that issue, go get the next sale!”. Larry has provided me with the confidence to be my true authentic self. As a professional, I know I’m making a difference. Thank you Larry for your continued support and keeping it real. I have not only benefited from your training, but my clients and partnerships have seen the return too!

Selling From The Heart is a masterpiece of authenticity. Larry Levine articulates how intent matters more than technique, and if you sell with genuine purpose revenue will follow. Great sales professionals focus on the value they bring to customers, not just the value they will receive. I recommend this book to every salesperson.  Not only will this book make you successful, it makes selling even more enjoyable.  – James Muir CEO Best Practice International & Author of The Perfect Close.

Too often Business Books can be regimented or produced to a “cookie cutter” formula. Larry Levine, in Selling From The Heart has written from the heart, stacked with experience and case study anecdotes from his 27 year successful sales career.

Larry Levine’s ‘Selling From The Heart’ is a spirited view into a superior salesperson’s brain. Customer centric self-awareness is a rare quality found only the most gifted of sales professionals but this gift it can be learned. Learn to Sell From The Heart! Buy this book today!

In sales, the heart always comes before the head. What I love and admire most about Larry Levine is that he sees the potential in all of us and compels us to act with heart and authenticity. In “Selling From the Heart” Larry draws upon wisdom that is both timeless and relevant. Read it and increase your sales, but more importantly, connect with yourself and live a more meaningful life.

Selling from the Heart is powerful, refreshing, and… authentic! Larry Levine and this new book are a breath of much-needed fresh air. He’s the most honest social selling expert in the business, and this book is exactly what sellers need today. Larry shares wisdom from his years of successful experience and both blunt truth and effective advice. You will love his writing style, stories, and most all, the increased sales from implementing his advice!

Success in sales starts with a commitment to YOU and holding yourself to the highest professional standards. Too many reps today find excuses for their failure too quickly in today’s world of, “anything except face-to-face meetings,” and the rise of, “the silent sales floor.” Larry lays out a great methodology to self-reflect on the trajectory of your sales career and either turn it around or supercharge it for the future. Having built a personal relationship with Larry myself and learning about his personal story over the years, I would highly recommend this book to any seller at any stage of their career.

I have been in sales for over 30 years. Probably for longer as we are all selling some idea or a product to somebody. Whether that be on the job, in a relationship, as a parent, or even as a child, we all have learned the need to negotiate.

For the past 20 years I have been selling office technology or leading sales teams that sell office technology all along the East Coast including 13 years in Washington DC. My passion for sales never grows old. There are always challenges to meet. What worked 20 years ago, may only partially work today. Buyers are smarter than they ever were. They know more than many salespeople do, depending on what and how much they research on the internet and speak with their peers.

I came across Larry Levine somehow on LinkedIn. At first I thought he was a bit too cocky for my liking and I periodically challenged him. As I listened to him, I saw that he was sincere. This sincerity made me listen even more.

Larry was bringing about change to many minds that have been entrenched in doing things a certain way. He was trying to dig people out of the old ways and introduce them to the modern buyer with techniques that would help build trust.

I stopped paying attention to Larry for a bit but the more I saw the changes in buyers, the more I realized what Larry was saying was true. So I peeked at his LinkedIn profile one day and he quickly messaged me and asked if I was open for a chat.

Well it led to a second chat, then a chance meeting at an event, a few more chats and before long I realized that Larry was really on to something. So much so, I was thinking Larry would be a real valuable asset to bring into our company to help bring about change.

So Larry came to visit us across the country to spend a full day with our sales team and the owner. He was without doubt, one of the top “trainers” I’ve ever worked with over the years. His energy held the room’s attention for the full day. He was tireless, thought provoking, engaging, challenging and fairly entertaining too. The team could relate to him because as he says, he has walked in their shoes.

The best part with working with Larry is he takes ownership in the process. He takes our investment in him seriously and he knows he needs to hold us accountable in order for us to stick with the program. Change is never easy. We get busy and before long we slip into old habits.  Larry has stayed on top of us in spite of his busy travel schedule, he puts a ton of effort into our calls with the team and you made to  feel that he is only working with us.

The buyers have changed, sales organizations have changed, but the ideas of treating people well, putting others first, being servant minded and being authentic has been around for years. It just hasn’t really been discussed with much frequency. Nor do most people think that any salespeople have these traits. Occasionally they find one and they will stick with that person for a long time.

I say all of this because Larry brings far more than Social selling ideas to the table. He will get you to think about your Why. That is a game changer. Most sales trainers want to get through the program and collect checks. Larry is actually concerned about your Why and will make you do some soul searching to find it. When you do, you will be open to real change for improvement.

I can’t thank Larry enough for what he’s done. I would write pages on how he has helped me with my coaching and leadership as well as my desire to keep the passion of sales lit as a fire. I suggest that you give Larry a call and be open to the conversation. You will be grateful that you did.

In Selling From the Heart, one will be getting this same down to Earth approach from a very genuine, authentic person who will help you to get better at what you do and why you do it in the first place!

In this book you are going to find many of the keys too success in sales. You’re going to learn to embrace who you are and to do the hard work that always results in success and results. More importantly, you are going to learn to sell from the heart, caring being the killer app in sales. If you want to learn how to improve your sales, the best place to start is from someone who has successfully sold what others perceive to be a commodity. Larry Levine’s book is worth your time, you attention, and should be applied with a great sense of urgency.

Selling From The Heart should be mandatory reading for everyone in a sales role. With poignant stories and observations matched with expert insights and actions, you’ll want to dive into this book sooner than later. It will help you differentiate yourself in a sea of same sellers and show you that selling from the heart will soon be the only way a sales professional can serve their clients needs and crush their quota at the same time.

Too many of us salespeople look outward for success and in the most brilliant, down to earth way, Selling From The Heart reminds us that our success starts within, not out. In a world of copy cats, Larry Levine, with a softness of a benevolent mentor and the disarming approach of Fred Rogers, stresses that we can’t win as a copy, but only as an original. “Be YOU!” The best message the sales world has received in a long time.

Larry Levine is a true and authentic sales leader. There are not many sales professionals that have made the transition from the analog style of selling to embracing social. More importantly, Larry talks the talk and walks the walk. Everything Larry says and does is from a practicality point of view. It works, it makes sense and most importantly he speaks from the heart.

Sales is the same as it ever was, but, buyers have changed because of technology.  Today’s buyer requires authentic salespeople that can bring value beyond their product or service and there is no one more authentic than my friend Larry Levine.  Larry is deeply invested in speaking the truth and I have been blessed to have him mentor me in my pursuit of learning how to adapt my sales system for today’s Social World.  His new book, Selling From The Heart, is an opportunity for many more of you to begin a relationship with Larry and take your sales to the next level while maintaining and enhancing what makes your expression of humanity unique and special.  Enjoy the ride!


Garrison Sales Consulting

Larry Levine is excellent at what he does! He’s an enthusiastic presenter, innovative thinker and thought provoking writer.  I have been blessed to have met Larry several years ago and to learn from him since then. Larry has been working with our sales team and it has improved our digital presence in the marketplace, expanded our reach & connections and led to new sales.  I encourage everyone in a business to business sales or in a marketing role to read “Selling From The Heart” and learn valuable lessons to improve your brand and increase your performance.

Larry’s approach to his new book is like he says “from the heart”. This is a no B.S. approach to selling in the new millennium, it may even hurt to hear the truth on the change that you need to be! No more old techniques or lies that don’t work, this is the new “how to manual” for any sales manager wanting to improve their  sales team, or any sales person wanting to get better.

Selling from the Heart is not really a book about sales. It’s a book about YOU. This is the ultimate playbook for showing up as yourself so you can increase your sales.

Selling From The Heart succinctly describes what it takes to be an authentic salesperson. It’s a fast-paced narrative that grabs you emotionally from the first page and never let’s go. For newbies to sales it’s a primer for happiness and prosperity. For successful sales reps it’s a refreshing reminder that genuinely caring about your customers and the value you provide is the secret sauce. For those struggling in sales it’s a pathway to improvement.

In this powerful book Larry Levine challenges modern myths about how to approach buyers and close the sale. He deftly shows you how, in a world suffering from information overload and technology fatigue, sales professionals who demonstrate authenticity and empathy gain an unbeatable competitive edge.

Lee Bartlett

Larry holds a window up to every salesperson and questions “why do what you do?” This process of self-reflection helps the reader distill their mindset to a time-tested, winning sales formula – adopt a customer-centric approach and never compromise upon your integrity. This is “Selling From the Heart” and the secret sauce that fuels the very best salespeople. A highly recommended read!

Mark Hunter

Real sales, real world, real life,  Larry Levine shares what it takes to be an authentically successful salesperson.   Selling From the Heart will have you probing your own heart and when you read and apply the lessons from the book you’ll find yourself seeing authentically.

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