We get to the heart of the matter to drive the highest levels of sales performance.

Relational Sales Mastery

What would it mean to your results if your sales reps had deeper relationships with clients and prospects?

Recent research showed that 97% of buyers don’t trust sales representatives. As a result, sales reps struggle to get appointments. When they do, they struggle to close deals in the absence of low trust. We believe anecdote to mistrust is authentic relationships. The skill of building genuine relationships creates client loyalty, increases referrals, maximizes win rates, and improves profits.

Value Alignment

Increase your win rates, gross margins, and client loyalty by understanding your value and aligning it with what each prospect wants.

Most sales reps we have talked with and trained struggle to clearly articulate their value proposition. Their managers agree. We believe that when sales reps will win more business when they understand and communicate value propositions in a way that aligns with what prospects want. This begins with understanding the value they bring to the table and filtering it through what each decision maker and influencer values.

Authentic Social Selling

Integrate social into your sales and client management processes to increase sales and client retention.

Social can play a huge roll in growing sales. Unfortunately, most sales teams’ social training was done by the marketing department. As a result, they’ve yet to experience the full benefits of social. We bring your reps field-tested social sales strategies that integrate with your current processes to deliver results.

Our sales team spent a great day with Larry and it was thought provoking, engaging and interesting. Larry is genuine and his goals for our day not only made us think, but will make our sales efforts more thorough and authentic.

Colleen O'Donnell

Vice President, Regional Manager, Insight Financial Services

We can talk to many wins where both channel and direct have won sales. Because they were able to define their LinkedIn prospecting process in association with the traditional methods they were able to start having a meaningful conversation. Which in the end turned into sales.

Hari Tharmakumar

National Channel Manager EID Electronic Imaging Division, Toshiba Australia

He was without doubt, one of the top “trainers” I’ve ever worked with over the years. His energy held the room’s attention for the full day. He was tireless, thought provoking, engaging, challenging and fairly entertaining too. The team could relate to him because as he says, he has walked in their shoes.

Harry Spaight

VP of Sales, HGI Technologies

Format Options

Our training programs can be customized to your specific needs.

On Site Workshop

  • Prestudy
  • Management Meeting
  • 1 Day Onsite Workshop with breakout sessions
  • 6 Coaching calls to execute the plan
  • Monthly Management Roundtable

Online Workshop

  • Prestudy
  • Management Meeting
  • (6) Weekly Webinar Training Sessions with action items
  • 6 Coaching calls to execute the plan
  • Monthly Management Roundtable

Our Training Philosophy

Start With the Heart

Real change in sales results starts with the heart. We need to peel away the layers of sales tactics to get to the root issues of the heart: authenticity, belief, and values. This is where true motivation comes from. Tactics are OK, but to affect real change, we need to get to the heart of the matter.

Don’t Pull Punches

Sometimes you need someone to say the things that others are afraid to say. When you engage me, you will get a raw, relatable and right to the heart of the matter. I don’t sugar-coat the truth. I’ll be tactfully honest and courageously transparent with your sales team.

Make It Real

Philosophy and ideas only get you so far. The real question lies with, “Does this work in the real world?” When you engage me to speak I’ll captivate the audience using real-world stories to capture their attention, get them to think and bring practical application to the skills they are learning.

Inspire Immediate Action

Knowledge that stays in the training room is useless. Every presentation includes multiple action items. Where possible, I like to get sales people taking action during the session itself. Each session will include practical action items that participants can do and managers can inspect.

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