Bringing The Heart Back To The Sales Profession

We believe that authenticity pays. When we get real, we get results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the sales landscape by challenging and equipping sales professionals to develop authentic relationships and deliver real value.

When buyers are surveyed about their opinion of sales reps the results are typically dismal. Low trust, rampant skepticism, and finely-tuned B.S. meters make it harder than ever to grow sales. The skills of an authentic sales professional help build trust and break down barriers. The best part is that these skills work with any sales model.


Brent Adamson-Authentic Sellers as Sensemakers

Today's buyers are overwhelmed with an incredible amount of information. Confused, many of them stick with the status quo. Brent Adamson, co-author of The Challenger Sale, believes that a critical role of today's sales professional is sensemaking, helping buyers make...

Ben Gay III-The Closer

Today we are going to learn from one of the masters, Ben Gay III. In addition to being a legend in the sales world, Ben was the last protege of Dr. Napoleon Hill and a college of Zig Ziglar. We discuss the power of integrity and the golden rule. Ben shares the three...

Jamie Shanks-Relational Signals

We are in the middle of the biggest human capital migration in corporate history as people change jobs. This can be a massive opportunity or incredible threat depending on your ability to recognize and react to relational signals. Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life...

Adam Peek-Empathy and Relational Equity

In the midst of the supply chain crisis with allocations and price increases, sales professionals have a decision to make about how they relate and communicate with their clients. Adam Peek believes empathy has never been more important. Join us to learn how to...

Andy Paul-Sell Without Selling Out

Stop being salesy. Instead of selling out, our friend Andy Paul invites us to Sell Without Selling Out. Based on ideas in his amazing new book, Andy shares the four pillars of how to "sell in" instead of selling out. You'll discover how to marry connection and...


LinkedIn & American Football

I’ve used this analogy a number of times when it comes to explaining LinkedIn- it’s a lot like an American football team.  Because an American football team isn’t just one team, it’s actually four teams: the offensive team, the defensive team, the special teams and...

Echo Chambers

“Hello?” (Hello?) “Is anyone,” (is anyone) “Out there?” (out there) An echo chamber in business is described as an environment in which a person or company encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced...

Motivation Getting Yourself Back on Track

  Getting motivated can be a struggle, especially when you’re in a funk or stressed about one of the many things going on in your life. It’s during these times when we all need something that can keep us motivated and get us back on track. Luckily, there are a few...


The Selling From the Heart Manifesto is a declaration of authenticity for the sales profession.


Here’s the book that started it all!

Our Leaders

Meet the visionaries behind Selling From the Heart

Larry Levine

Author of Selling From the Heart, Larry brings over 30 years of selling experience to the table. His heart for authenticity shows up in his relational sales strategies.

Darrell Amy

Passionate about solution selling, Darrell has 15 years of solution sales training experience. He believes that value is the core of competitive advantage.

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